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About Me

I'm Evil Overlady FM, a twenty-three year old writer who has been writing original stories since 5th grade, and I made my first three-parter story in 6th grade, which I have yet to revise and post. I love stories done well and encourage beginning writers to keep practicing because even though I've been writing for eleven years, I still feel I can improve. I started drawing for myself in my senior year of high school after creating a made-up dragon that I just knew no one else could do right.
"If you want something done right, ya gotta do it yerself..." :)
I aspire to draw a style somewhere between Disney's Gargoyles and Patrick Tatopoulos's Godzilla: the series. I am a member of Elfwood's Lothlorien, Zone 47, Fanquarter, and Wyvern Library sections. I have links to all three throughout the site and I hope you'll visit them. I also write fanfiction on Fanfiction.net, where you'll find some of my stories under the alias Evil Overlady.
My two utmost favorite TV shows are Gargoyles and Viper! But I also like Vampire Hunter D, Cybersix, and Action Man, (and now Yu-Gi-Oh and NightWalker, oh woes me...) and I'm working on stories for all of them...
You can sign my guest book for any picture or story requests or just regular chat. :)
Please, enjoy the site and email me any questions or comments you might have. If you have a site of your own and would like me to link to it, or if you'd like to link to mine (see my banners), give me a holler.

MGC - July 2003
10th Place Creativity!
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This is not free clipart. Any display of these works other than for personal viewing must be with permission from Evil Overlady. No exceptions. If you would like to request a picture or have any suggestions for promoting this site or any other comments, please sign my guest book.
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